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A Balancing Act for These Crazy Times

Ever feel like you’re on a high wire just trying to keep from falling off? Or maybe you’ve already fallen and are struggling to get back up. No question about it, these are stressful times. It’s normal to feel challenged to keep your emotional footing when surrounded by so much political chaos and tragic violence. Staying emotionally balanced at all times is not realistic, but knowing steps for regaining that footing is certainly feasible. Below are some “balancing” ideas that can help.

Connect with others
. Reach out to people who can appreciate and support your emotional struggles. This can reduce loneliness and normalize uncomfortable feelings. But be careful not to commiserate ad-nauseam with others as this might actually aggravate your mood.

Use Humor. It is so important to bring more humor into your life. Your mental health may depend on it. Find something that makes you smile or chuckle. Watch funny animal videos or a comedy; share some silly jokes; think of bad puns. Much has been written about laughter as an effective medicine. Use it.

Shake things up.
Do something different that’s affirming and alter your routine in some way. Any change stimulates your energy to break out of its emotional rut.

Move your body. Get some exercise and/or spend time in nature. Movement gets the blood flowing better and can help release healthy brain chemicals. When given half a chance nature loves to nourish the mind, body and spirit.

Find a silver lining. Life is tough these days but find something positive in all the mess. Make a habit of acknowledging 2 or 3 ways the current situation is creating something better. It’s not necessary to believe what you concoct but the benefits of this challenge are well worth it.

Limit the news. Don’t bury your head in the sand but neither overwhelm yourself with negative reporting. Pay attention to how your body responds when listening to the news as it can help prevent you from going down that emotional rabbit hole of information overload. Not being glued to the news does not mean you are losing your compassion—only taking care of yourself.

Ground yourself. Live more in the present moment. There are many grounding exercises including focusing on your breadth, sipping cool water, envisioning roots going from the bottoms of your feet to the center of the earth, dancing, and so much more. Find what works best for you.

Seek professional help. Do this if nothing else is working and you’re still feeling stuck. Talk with a counselor, mentor, coach, etc, as sometimes strong feelings can feel overwhelming and need more attention. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional as these crazy times can also become opportunities for positive change.

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