“Roslyn is such a bright light and is a very gifted healer, she really listens with a compassionate heart and combines great knowledge with her intuitive abilities to help one expand into the heart and see unlimited possibilities.”
—Linda Johns AZ

“Experiencing Roslyn’s impact in a difficult setting led me to friendship with her. Her new website will allow many others to access her power in their own lives.”
—Barbara Bricker, MA

“I have known Roslyn Malkin for decades, both as a friend and as a consultant for my small business. She is an exceptional individual—a therapist whose wisdom, experience, and playful compassion has made the journey through troubled waters worth every bit of the struggle. This is so, not only for those with whom she partners, but also for herself, the choices she’s made, and the true-to-herself life she’s created.If you are currently in the midst of distressful turbulence—personal or otherwise—for whatever the reason—I can think of no better mentor than Roz. As you choose your way back to shore, back to your joyful wise self, you can count on her deep listening skills and gentle manner to keep you safely afloat.”
—Gail Provost Stockwell, Co-Founder with Gary Provost, Writers Retreat Workshop. MA

“Roz brings a very grounded approach to her practice. With her traditional, clinical experience, she helps one to get to the heart of the matter in the mind. With her experiences and training on the more “spiritual” front, she is able to guide one on the journey of awakening with a heart centered approach, grounded in her love for the Earth and all Her beings. The work Roz does is truly holistic, carried through all of the bodies; Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical.”
—Dan Lagueux, MA